Weird behavior when editing PCB with schematic open

KiCAD 5.1.4 release build.
Windows 10

I am moving components on a new PCB layout. I have my schematic complete. The schematic is open on my right monitor, PCB layout on my left monitor. I am trying to move components in the PCB layout. When I rotate a component in the PCB layout sometimes it rotates instead that component in the schematic editor.

There may be other circumstances that cause it, but one way I can make it happen is click on a part in Eschema then click to select and then click and hold on a part in Pcbnew. The part will start to move in Pcbnew as expected. Press ‘R’ to rotate the part you are moving. Instead the part last clicked on in Eschema rotates.

One oddity about my computer setup that I have a hunch is maybe related… My active window tracks with my mouse (ActiveWndTrkTimeout). My timeout is set to 500mS, so if I am working in Eschema and move my mouse and hover over a new window (Pcbnew) in 500mS that new window will become my active window. I have a lot of windows and work open at the moment, and the only way to change that setting is to log out of Win 10 and log back in. So I may test that theory latter, but can’t right at the moment.

This is just an annoyance as several times I am trying to place a part in Pcbnew and instead something in Eschema is changing. Can anyone else duplicate this issue with or without active window track timeout?

Same version, Kubuntu 18.04
If the mouse is on the pcbnew window, the footprint rotates. If the mouse in on the eeschema window, the symbol rotates. No need to click anywhere after symbol or footprint is selected (clicked on).

I have verified that turning off mouse - window tracking does eliminate the problem. To me it looks like a bug, but I am sure it would not be prioritized since most people use the default windows behavior, which is not to have the window track with your mouse movement. For using multiple screens the mouse - window tracking helps to keep me from starting to type in one window while the other screen is still active, so I am not going to leave that feature off. I will just have to be careful when switching between Eschema and Pcbnew.

Two common window manager behaviours are Focus Follows Pointer and Click To Focus. I use the former, but I would find such a timeout addition to Focus Follows Pointer so perverse and annoying, mines effectively 0, but to each their own.

xfce on 18.04.3 without any issus whatsoever.

Focus change between eeschema/pcbnew on separate monitors and subsequent command execution flawless. :+1:

I also have my taskbar on the left side of my screen instead of at the bottom. Without a bit of a delay it is impossible to use the notification bar that still slides out on the right of the screen or to even use any hidden task bar icons. As soon as you click on the new notification icon in the bottom left, and then travel to the right your focus would switch to whatever is in between. 500mS is short enough but not too long… it is easy to adapt to.

I use console windows a lot so I would hate typing to go to the old window when I change focus.

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