Web site suggestions

Hi! I’m not sure if there’s a “website suggestion” topic here, a simple search hasn’t revealed anything similar.

However, my two cents:

  • On main menu of website, instead of Build Info, it would be more straightfoward to put “Installation”. Have installation instructions and building instructions on the same page, under different sections.
  • Under Ubuntu, the most recent version (aside from actual building from source) is available in a PPA repository mentioned on KiCAD official website. It would be nice if you would add that to installation instructions :smile:

Thank you and good luck!
I’ve started learning KiCAD because of the AMP Hour, Dave’s reviews and Chris’ instructive tutorials. Thanks guys!!

Hi dracid, what is the site you talk about? Is it kicad.org? The “Download” page has recently been reworked a bit. The current “problem”, with KiCad is that there is no real release which can be considered stable as such, other than the old stable, which still has many bugs and is basically not supported in the latest. That is the newest KiCad cannot save to the old format. But nightly builds are on the way for all platforms – although it might still take its time.