Ways to stop Annotation errors resulting in mixed up foot prints?

While making additions and substitutions of components for corrections on this project, the components annotations become mixed up. some components have been replaced ie. c24 c25… when I place the new component in its place it is given the standard c? annotation. Once I regenerate the net-list it recieves a value different from its original of c24 or c25 , this is most likely because of other additions we have made in other parts of the schematic.

However, when i read this new net list from the pcb side it leaves the footprints where they are from the original layout, but changes their annotation, causing previously correctly placed components to be swapped with components on other sides of the board. (I understand why this is.)

My question is… Is there any to combat this mix up without having having to hand annotate the new substitute components on the schematic immediately after I place them?

Thanks for the help, first post on this forum.

On netlist import you can select “by timestamp” instead of “by reference”

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that’ll help a bunch thanks!

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