Ways to import netlists?

Hey all, have just learned about KiCad and am researching it. I have done a little digging on this forum and I believe I have learned it is not possible to import netlists from external programs into the current version of KiCad but that it might be possible with older versions. Is this true, and if so how might one get a version that might do what I hope? I am another OrCad user, have been for a few decades. It (Capture of course) can create netlists in various formats. Which if any netlist format would be preferred/required to import into KiCad. Footprint coordination will be a another subject I’ll need to learn about if an import is possible, but one subject at a time for the present.

Thanks for any and all help

Why don’t you download, install and test it?
It’s not that it will incur any cost or a lot of time…

Or post an example of a current state of the art OrCAD netlist export file… something simple.

Format looks something like this for a one year old install BZR6097 (in case there is no ‘KiCAD’ tag on the options on your end:

(export (version D)
    (source E:/Data_KiCAD/ATmega_USB_Host/ATmega_USB_Host.sch)
    (date "07/10/15 21:36:59")
    (tool "Eeschema (2015-08-16 BZR 6097, Git b384c94)-product")
    (sheet (number 1) (name /) (tstamps /)
        (source ATmega_USB_Host.sch)
        (comment (number 1) (value ""))
        (comment (number 2) (value ""))
        (comment (number 3) (value ""))
        (comment (number 4) (value ""))))
        (comment (number 4) (value "")))))
    (comp (ref XS102)
      (value FPC_DISPLAY)
      (footprint My_Footprints:Conn_FCP_TE-14P-0.5-BOT)
      (libsource (lib MyLib) (part XS_15))
      (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
      (tstamp 560E4CE5))
    (comp (ref XS101)
      (value FPC_BASE)
      (footprint My_Footprints:Conn_FCP_TE-14P-0.5-BOT)
      (libsource (lib MyLib) (part XS_15))
      (sheetpath (names /) (tstamps /))
      (tstamp 560E59E1))
      (node (ref D703) (pin 2)))
    (net (code 109) (name "Net-(U701-Pad10)")
      (node (ref U701) (pin 10)))
    (net (code 110) (name "Net-(C701-Pad1)")
      (node (ref Q703) (pin 6))
      (node (ref C701) (pin 1))
      (node (ref U701) (pin 2))
      (node (ref U701) (pin 1))
      (node (ref Q703) (pin 8))
      (node (ref Q703) (pin 7))
      (node (ref Q703) (pin 5))
      (node (ref D703) (pin 1)))
    (net (code 111) (name "Net-(U701-Pad6)")
      (node (ref U701) (pin 6)))))