Warning about part and library

Being new to KiCAD I initially created a library called ‘New_Library’ to import Mouser parts into. Later I removed this library when I decided it was easier to create a non-project specific library (called ‘SamacSys_Parts’). The part in question (LT1637HS8#TRPBF) was deleted from the schematic (to remove all references to the old library) and then replaced in the schematic using a part from the new library.

However I continue to get the following warning:

[lib_symbol_issues]: The current configuration does not include the library ‘New_Library’.
; Severity: warning
@(107.95 mm, 226.06 mm): Symbol U6 [LT1637HS8#TRPBF]

Any ideas why the reference to that ‘New_Library’ still exist in my project?

You say you deleted it, but KiCad finds an U6 at location (107.95 mm, 226.06 mm)

These two contradict each other.
I am also not familiar with that exact wording of the warning ( Not Error!) message.

What happens if you: Schematic Editor / Tools / Edit Symbol Fields and then select the U6 reference?

The easiest way to diagnose if you just zip the whole project and upload it here. (Or even better, a simplified version of your project with just a few schematic symbols, so it has just enough to reproduce the warning).

As you have pointed out that refers to the original ‘New_Library’. I don’t understand why the part is being sourced from that library when I have deleted the part and replaced it with a part from the SamacSys library.

So I just deleted U3, U4, U5 and U6 and replaced them with parts from the correct library. I thought that was what I had done previously but apparently not since that worked!

I’m at a loss to explain what I must have done last Thursday. Thought I did just that but MAYBE I was replacing the wrong part - Doh!

Thanks for the help!

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