Wanted: sample drl files

I humbly ask for some drl files to help test a parser.
If you will, just PM me. Thanks!

(While I’d be happy to share any resulting code, I am not too skilled and probably what I do already exists anyway.)

Here you’ve got direct links to about 50 KiCad projects from which you can generate drill files:

You can also search github for KiCad projects to find even more.

Do you only care for your parser to be compatible with files made by KiCad, or do you also want to make it compatible with files made by other PCB programs? It is likely that other programs generate slightly different files, for example the number of digits in numbers or the order in which things are declared.

Thanks, cool!

For now, it’s for fun and my own use, and I might be sticking to Kicad, but we’ll see.

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