Want single colour LED (solved)

I am trying to find a symbol for a simple one colour LED. I need a Red, a blue and a white one.
The library in KiCad 6.0 is extensive, but I can only find combination LED’s.
Apologies for the beginners question.


Use a generic symbol like LED _small and then press “v” to set the value as “Blue” or whatever you want

Unfortunately if you want them in different colours in the 3D preview, short of implementing the suggestions in this previous discussion, you have to get out the crayons. :rofl: Also the screen wipes. :wink:

As an aside, your post will be more useful to future searchers if you use a more specific title such as Want a single colour LED, instead of Beginners (starting to become less true) question.

Ok David, thanks.

Both points taken RF!
I have edited my post title to your suggestion.
Thanks for the reply,


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