Walk me thru the creation of a custom NE570 symbol

Hi gang,

the SE570/NE570 IC is like a dual op-amp in that the same circuit is duplicated twice within the IC package. How do I go about doing a three part custom schematic symbol for this critter ?!
(detailed steps pls!)

the pinout:

[1] RECT_CAP_1
[2] RECT_IN_1
[3] G_CELL_IN_1
[4] GND
[5] INV_IN_1
[6] RES_R3_1
[7] OUTPUT_1
[8] THD_TRIM_1
[9] THD_TRIM_2
[10] OUTPUT_2
[11] RES_R3_2
[12] INV_IN_2
[13] VCC
[14] G_CELL_IN_2
[15] RECT_IN_2
[16] RECT_CAP_2


Kicad calls them 'unit’s. I haven’t needed to do it in a while so I can’t be of much more help. Going to the symbol editor and put ‘dual op’ in the search bar and that might help get you started.

Hi @Hotrats

Have you a personal library in which to place this symbol?
What shape do you wish for your symbol… rectangular, triangular, etc?
Have you ever created a symbol before?

Yes I would recommend starting with (probably an LM358) “save as” in your own library as NE570, and then start editing.

BTW are your rats baked or sauteed in garlic? :grinning:

It does not really work that way.
First put in some effort yourself, and when you get stuck, show us where you got stuck and also that you’ve put in some effort.

If you want detailed steps, then read: Symbol Editor / Help / Help

sorry to be vague, already had created librairies

I followed the advice provided above as it was my first time playing with the symbol editor …

had no problem turning a triangle into a square box
then copying/pasting/editing pins
saving, etc …

well, there was a glitch

would’t let me save at first
if I recall I had to use the export function

it re-named my NE570 symbol to the op-amp’s original name
but then I re-opened it in the symbol editor, re-named and re-saved

I’m happily back in business no more than an hour later!
thanks for your replies everybody

great forum // intuitive software

my rats are flambayed slowly over a quartet of EL34’s running at 480vdc …

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Just do not electrocute yourself on the 480 VDC!! :laughing:

You probably forgot to change the library to your personal one when naming your symbol… been there, done that.

well, I thought I did … anyhoo, it worked in the end


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