VRML PCB export issue


So I’m trying to export my pcb with 3d models and silk screen and all that stuff with VRML import it to FreeCad and export it as step with the models and all the colors now when I try to export the PCB it shows me this:

note that PCB edge cuts are an imported DXF file but kicad 3d render works fine with that.


So managed to export it without the silk screen layer somehow but still I want to export the full looks of the PCB and import it to a CAD software that mostly accept step like fusion 360 but when I do it with other PCBs it wont export the imported DXF solder mask layer…

Any idea why?

Thanks for your time.


The message is telling you that you have an annulus with a ring width only 0,5% smaller than the radius of the annulus. I should review this issue; when I wrote the code I was thinking that the arc radius R is the outer bound of the annulus. If the outer bound is in fact R + W/2 where W is the width of the annulus then I need to change the code to accept W close to 2*R rather than just R.

You seem to be exporting IDF though; what version of KiCad are you using? The developer branch can export to STEP.


for that I say Amman and pass my prays to god!:innocent:

I’m using a nightly version of kicad quite recent and when exporting step it simply doesn’t care about the models and other features of the PCB not even the basic colour…
the goal is to get the model you see the the kicad’s 3D render to fusion 360 with a format it’s families with like step(although not sure it the silk screen layer would be supported in that file format)


Currently the step exporter only exports models where the 3d path ends in .step.

Why not use kicad-stepup?
Kicad stepup does replace the file ending.


Ah, for that you should probably look at Maurice’s StepUp tools. In general you can either concentrate on making a pretty visual model (VRML export) or a Solid Model for use in various applications (creating an enclosure, FEM, etc) but you can’t really mix both. For KiCad I only care about the mechanical model and not the visual model so I dont even make an attempt to provide both. I think Maurice’s tools provide the best way to manage both the visual and mechanical models.

I had a look at the code regarding that message; I think I got the code wrong and it should be Radius * 0.99 (some number < 1,0) rather than 1.01. The intent was to avoid invalid geometry in the VRML export. Since IDF does not export graphical arcs or copper traces, the error is somewhat meaningless in IDF but it’s sharing code with VRML. In reality you do indeed have some strange geometry; in the case of a 360 degree arc you are in effect defining a larger circle and for <360 degrees you have some cherry-shaped arc.


Yeah tried that but I still had problems with PCB now exporting the other 3d models and wrong colours… couldn’t see the solder mask as well …


solder mask, silk screen and other layers are not exported by StepUp nor by the kicad internal step exporter…
both exporters are aimed to mechanical collaboration, where aesthetic part is not covered.

Please consider to search at the forum before opening a new topic on something already covered


Couldn’t find a topic that covers this issue still don’t know how to fix this… but thanks guess I can’t use KiCad to export a PCB that represents semi professional projects.


Could you state your full requirements?
(A list without emotions would be a good start. Then we can tell you for each point if it exists and with what tool.)


Mechanical world

Artistic world

Mechanical & Artistic world


Fine fine you win…

Anyhow when I export the STEP file it only exports the PCB with the holes without the models(probably should do that) and when using the step up with freecad it won’t import the models I created(Note I’ve got them in my library folder)

And when I export from kicad the WRL open it with freeCad and try exporting it to step it just won’t do anything…


Did you tell kicad stepup where your step files are located?


Don’t think so I don’t speak computerish also just assumed those are merged with the file.


have you read the manual? or whatched a tutorial? or searched the forum?


With what keyword? how do you describe this problem? Also didn’t want to relay on that I was aiming to fix the issue with export VRML to step with freecad because that was the closest result I saw…


may be “export VRML to step” or just “STEP” or “export”?

and for your other ‘issue’

not a big deal in searching


When you downloaded kicad stepup you got a file called Kicad StepUp starter guide.pdf
This should get you started at least.
If you have specific questions ask them here. (Just make sure you show as that you are prepared to put in some effort.)