VQFN Package Symbol

I want to use the VQFN package of the LMR33620. In the datasheet the pinout shows duplicate pins with different numbers.

In the schematic though they don’t show these duplicate pins.

When I make my symbol I was going to make the duplicate pads since I want them to show up in PCBNew. This seems weird to me though. What is the best practice for representing these QFN packages in a symbol and pcb? Below is TI’s recommended layout you can see the mirrored pins.

Have a look at the KLC the KiCAD way.

I’d stack the connected pins (as per S4.3) and number the pads the same as in the datasheet.

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It is up to you. Two pins for ground is not bad on the schematic. Not like a FPGA will 200 pins.
I like seeing all pins in the schematic. Pgnd 1 and Pgnd 11 also Vin and Vin.
Some parts might have 10 grounds and that is too much so on the schematic Pgnd and on the foot print Pgnd has pin1 and (pin 1 which is the old 11). You can have many pin 1s. Or you can name the pins “Pgnd”.

I might add more HEAT SINK ground and VIAs.

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Thanks that explains the workaround well.

That’s a good point its really only two extra. Thanks for the input.

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