Virus found in Python (KiCAD env)

My Avira-Scanner reports following Problem:

[20] Archivtyp: BZ2
–> testbz2_bigmem
[FUND] Ist das Trojanische Pferd TR/ArchBomb.A.1

Version is:

KiCAD 4.0.0-rc1-stable, release build
wxWidgets 3.0.2 Unicode and Boost 1.57.0
Platform Windows 8 (build9200), 64-bit edition , 64 bit

This looks like a false positive. See According to the issue it looks like that file is not supposed to exist in the latest python2 and python3 releases. It is a test file, but I don’t really know much about, maybe it could safely be removed.

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@BoldBadger, are you using the official kicad installer? I can’t seem to even find a pylib folder in the files installed by the installer.

For that matter… what does ‘abcd’ in the path stand for?

It’s the unpacked installation tarball for windows, the official installations pack…
The virus defender dives into the packages and checked the contents.

[FUND] Ist das Trojanische Pferd TR/ArchBomb.A.1
[HINWEIS] Die Datei wurde ins Quarantäneverzeichnis unter dem Namen ‘4626fd62.qua’ verschoben!
[FUND] Ist das Trojanische Pferd TR/ArchBomb.A.1
[HINWEIS] Die Datei wurde ins Quarantäneverzeichnis unter dem Namen ‘1479a78a.qua’ verschoben!

it is pretty much like ccc malware. the threat is critical, it encrypts all the data on your PC, more deetials see here

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@BoldBadger Does this still happen in the latest nightly?

this has no probs during installation

My computer also found this as malware. The downloads page that nickoe posted is no longer a page. Is there another way to get the program?

If you don’t need a nighty dev version just get the stable version here:

I am still getting the “Malicious File: This application may cause damage to your PC. Sensitive personal data may also be at risk.” Is this normal?

Sounds like your malware scanner is probably terrible. Have you tried scanning the same file with something else??

I’ve also had my virus scanner quarantine this file (Bitdefender), it seems to be quite common problem. It probably has a signature that matches a virus, but it is a bad idea to ignore anti-vrius warnings.

The newest stable build also occurres with malicious gifts…

Whats’s going wrong with the python building environment?

please look at it and probably fix it

many thanks


There’ no way to install it with Windows 10.
The only running version is:

Version:4.0.0-rc-2-stable , release build
wx Widgets 3.0.3 Unicode and Boost 1.57.0
Platform: Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit edition, 64 bit

other builds are terminated with incompatible APP Errors

Hola, he instalado kicat pero el avast me lo elimina y me dice que tiene un virus:
El instalador es kicad-product-4.0.1-i686.exe descargado de
Archivo infectado: Kicad.exe
Ubicación del virus: C:\Program Files\KiCad\bin
Virus: FileRepMalware

Gracias por sus respuestas

Why is there no way to install it? And you are not just talking about eh window smartscreen filter thingie?

Nope was all disabled…

That simply can’t be right, otherwise you should be able to install it.