"Virtual short" solution for ERC power problems

The questions on how to deal with “no pin to drive it” problem are all over the web. The common suggestion to add PWR_FLAG is a recipe for disaster if not done right.

What I am suggesting is to introduce an ability to add “virtual short” between any two or more pins in symbol editor.

This will immediately solve multiple warnings and errors in ERC without hiding potential errors like PWR_FLAG does, because it does not add power source, it simply connects real inputs and sources already in the schematics together.

This can be used with pass-through symbols like fuses, chokes, ferrite beads, NC jumpers and relays etc.
Coincidentally, it will also remove all that mess with hidden overlayed pins with different types, like multiple grounds, LDO VIN and VOUT etc.

Note, that I call it “virtual” because only certain rules will treat them as wires. Warnings like “pin is not connected” should still appear.

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