Violation of clearance when PCBNEW drags tracks

Hi all, I have had this problem already in two or three pcbs.
I use kicad version 5.8.1. on windows 10 pro.
Using the drag function of the tracks, PCBNEW drags the others as a consequence of my movement. As shown in the image, however, it invades the clearance of the existing pitches generating a short circuit. Furthermore, the short circuit is not detected using the DRC control.
Of course, once you have seen the mistake and tried to drag the track by hand, it is impossible, even if you want to, to invade the clearance of the component.

Which routing mode do you use? “Shove”?
There is a bug in 5.99 which may put tracks into collission. Not seen this in 5.1.8, though.

Normally I use Walkaround.
I had the same problem on 3 pcbs. (and you only notice it when you have received them and do the hardware check and wonder why some things are not working).

Can you generate a simple example pcb showing this bug and post it?

DRC should spot it. Can you verify if the DRC complains in this case?

Unfortunately it is not easy to prepare an example pcb because it is an error that is difficult to reproduce, in what I have posted there are only two violations on over 120 tracks. The DRC also behaves strangely. Sometimes doing it highlights the violation, sometimes not.

I have been trying to provoke the bug on 5.1.9 and cannot so far.

Following the issues I have noticed with Net-Ties and copper polygons in footprints allowing shorts, do you have any of these? I don’t know if there are any other hacks that locally disable DRC

No, the tracks and pitches concerned are SMD resistors taken from the official kicad library …

In the 5.99, one of the contributing factors is coarse grid.
However, I was not able to reproduce it with 5.1.9. Since I cannot read 5.99 board with 5.1.9 (tried to remove offending file parts manually, but there are too many issues with attempting open 5.99 in 5.1.9; so tried to create similar case - to no avail)

If at all possible, delete irrelevant parts of the design (working on a copy, of course) so much that you get a reproducible example but without too much proprietary information. If you are lucky it’s only a couple of components and traces.

You can also file a confidential issue in the issue database in which case only trusted people can see it.

As I understand the OP, the main issue is (s)he don’t know what single operation resulted in the problem.
With the automatic routing modes (shove/walkaround) KiCad sometimes tends to change the routing far away from the spot you’re working on so you may not notice the problem for a long time until you’ll run DRC or spot he issue (or - even worse, if you fab the boards).

Getting into a position where tracks are drawn over others is one bug.
(But not always, such as after a block move)

DRC not being able to flag these violations is a more serious bug to me.

Shove or walk around can leave other tracks in bizarre zig-zags, but should not have shorted other tracks
Not appearing in the DRC check is a critical fault

Obviously, you’re right with your both statements. I only explained why the OP might not notice what (s)he did to trigger the bug, so might be hard to reproduce.

If @goodfreshidea could share one of the pcbfiles when it has undetected DRC errors, I could have a look. Could PM it to me if confidential

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