Viewing multiple sheets at once

Is it possible to view multiple hierarchical sheets in the same project at the same time?

I have a multiple-monitor setup. When working on one part of a project, I often want to have another sheet visible on the other monitor, for reference.

If you have an project open, you can also browse to the same directory with a file browser, and open the schematic directly from the file browser, by right clicking on it.

If you do this, then KiCad complains a bit:

… but it does work.

Another way is to Schematic Editor / File / Plot / Output Format: PDF and then just use a PDF viewer for the other copy. When plotting to a .PDF file, you can also plot all pages to a single PDF file.

The OP’s inquiry is a valid use case. A feature to allow viewing multiple pages, or easily swapping/cycling to another page would be very useful. Similar to how Page Down works for PCB layers, it would be convenient to cycle schematic pages. I’m on a chromebook right now and can’t even look to see if something exists.