View model field in symbol editor properties window

I’m in trouble, I’ve created some fields models in Eeschema but when I’m creating a new symbol from the Symbol editor, new fields are not display in the symbol properties window.
Is it a bug?

I have to create many components and store them in personal libraries (internal company libraries) and I want to fill the different fields and save the components in order to reuse them.

What is the best way to do that?

Thanks for your help.

I am not really certain that i understand what you mean so take what i write with a grain of salt.

To me it sounds like you have a schematic and used it to define symbol fields. These are however independent of the library. (The schematic system is there to add fields if they do not exist in the library. Not to serve as a template.)

Additionally: Symbol fields can not be empty in the library (file format constraint). Which means a similar option as the schematic makes little to no sense (The schematic option adds empty fields to all placed symbols. This is because there is a table like system that allows you to enter them efficiently for the current schematic. Nothing similar to this exists on the library side)

You can however achieve something for future symbols you create. Make a new symbol that has the fields you want pre defined with a default value that screems “fill me out”. Instead of using the new symbol dialog you would always open that symbol and use save as to create a new symbol from this template.

Thank you Rene_Poschl,

That is lighting me. I supposed Eeschema model field can be added as template for symbol creation, but not.

That will be a good enhancement for people using regularly same components. I understand, actually, no extra fields can’t be empty, but for lot of component the footprint field is empty by default…

Thank you for the symbol template tip. I will see if that can help me. I’ve look on kiField and kiPart script too and I will think about what is the simplest way for around 20 developers to have a simple way to share filled libraries.

I really love KiCad, but before I use it only for my self or with students, and now I’m in a company and I’m working on how to use it, and libraries are the more sensible thinks to fix for me.

In a team i suggest you simply have a central library with specific rules of what can be added to the lib. Define a review process and have clear responsibilities about who decides the rules and who can merge additions (Make sure that the whole team has input but also ensure somebody takes care of the necessary coordination and also have somebody responsible for ensuring everything is well documented)
You can utilize continuous integration tools to check if some rules are followed like the existence of pre filled symbol fields. As an inspiration the official library uses these test scripts via the github travis integration (The symbol check stuff is in the schlib subfolder and the footprint checks are in the pcb subfolder)

Thank you,
I’will look on it. That seem great. I’m sure, being able to do that from the library editor can be a GUI improvement for team or companies.
I just write a comment here :

Generally this writeup might be of interest to you Project and libary setup for sharing and collaboration

Thank you for papers, I will read them carefully.

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