View length of selected trace

Is there a way to know the length of a selected trace and in the pic, is it the length that is being shown. This feature is Alt+7 (Tune Track Length)

I used the [Alt + 7] length tune function on a meandering track:

I see a thin yellow line over a part of that track, and KiCad suggest a length of 12.05mm, which is about right for the length of the yellow line.

For simple tasks or for verification you can also use:
Pcbnew / Inspect / Measure which is a simple ruler in either inches or mm. You can use it to verify if your assumptions of the other tool are correct.

Yet another measurement tool is to use the spacebar. Every time you hit it, the dx and dy coordinates and distance at the bottom of the screen are set to zero, and they measure the distance from that location to the current mouse location.

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