View component from schematic in PCBNew


I’ve used eagle in the past and it contains a tool using which I can choose a part in the schematic and the corresponding part gets highlighted in the board design.

Is there a way I can select a component in Eeschema and see the corresponding component in pcbnew?

Are you talking about clicking on a symbol in EEschema that the footprint is marked in PCBnew and vise versa?
That works when you start EEschema/PCBnew from within KiCAD main window and work on a project.
If you start EEschema/PCBnew standalone they don’t have those hooks running.
The marker is a modestly visible white cross in either application.
IMHO it could be a bit more prominent, but one get’s used to it and I’m sure if any dev wants it to highlight the whole symbol/footprint it will happen :wink:

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When you click the part in whichever you’re working in, the window will automatically pan to center on that part.

EDIT: If you’re in GAL, it does highlight the whole component. I forgot you liked Default, Joan, come to the dark side :fearful:


By the way, this feature is called “cross-probing” in the industry :wink:
For me it also works if I start Eeschema and Pcbnew separately (not from KiCAD main window). Perhaps it’s because the project file, top-level schematic file and layout file all have the same name and reside in the same directory.

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Hm… I forgot about that. Thx fro the reminder… so I wait until EEschema runs on GAL too, then I’ll switch (as I still miss the less obvious grid/dot from Default - darkest grey is still to prominent - and the additive color mixing for the layers, i.e. green+red=yellow) :slight_smile:

Just FYI: grid/dot selection is already implemented in GAL in latest nighties

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Currently downloading the latest RPi Noobs install… going for the latest nightly right after it then I guess.

Any timescale for 4.1.0 yet? Everyone running nightlies is going to cause a lot of confusion and eat server bandwidth

I’m not involved in KiCad SW development so I have no clue about 4.1.0 release timescale.
Besides I always run nightly builds so I don’t really care about stable releases.

I was avoiding nightlies because of stability, but the cvpcb footprint search was too tempting

Well, I agree, one is less likely to run into bugs on a stable release of KiCad. I’ve been using KiCad nighties quite actively during last year and rarely experienced a crash (but other people’s experience might differ). And indeed sometimes new features are too tempting (e.g. rounded rectangles).

Hehehehe, me too - unless I’m in the middle of something that needs to be worked on - then I stick to what I have installed as I got bitten by the “never change a running system” bug a bit too often :confused: