Video order on YouTube

The recently announced videos that will be uploaded to YouTube are from the Contextual Electronics course. They are organized as such:

These are now also being set up on YouTube as playlists:

The order doesn’t particularly matter so much as knowing which “module” the videos should fall into.

Why doesn’t the order matter? I would think it would be sequential…

Many of these videos are about discrete features of KiCad. How to do a single task vs how to sequence together a build. The “sequenced” build is something like the “Getting To Blinky” series or the actual Contextual Electronics course.

The playlists for the newly uploaded videos will separate things out by which part of KiCad the video is discussing (EESchema, module editor, etc).

Hi Chris, Just wanted to thank you for making public all your excellent training videos to the open community of hackers and makers ! Well done !

Regards, Jose Luis.

Long time coming, but these videos are once again available on the Contextual Electronics site: