Vias in pad not shown in 3d viewer or exported step

The vias that are on pads don’t show up in the 3d model:

My build instructions reference putting the pads with the via holes as the first pads to solder, so it would be nice to have the holes show up.

If this isn’t some setting I’ve missed, I’ll just add them in fusion.

You seem to have the solder paste layer enabled in the 3D viewer. The solder paste hides these holes, as it would in real life.

You can see that because otherwise the bare pads would be copper-yellow.

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Yup! That was it.

Thank you.

Well, kind of. I see the holes when viewing the pcb from the bottom side in the 3d viewer, but…

I don’t think the 3d exported step file has any notion of layers like solder paste. And, the step file does not have the via holes.

I’m just adding them in Fusion using the dxf file exported from Kicad as a template.

step exporter doesn’t export via drills

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Via’s are not quite the same as THT but, THT’s can be used as Via’s.

Sure, you may need to consider what/how you want to handle the difference’s in specifying their usage (to a Vendor) but, basically you can get what you want…

Example shows a stock Kicad Via and my HomeMade Via (a THT) - both placed on a THT-Pad and shows the result of Kicad exported STEP then, loaded the STEP into FreeCAD.

You see the Kicad Via has Nothing (only the Pad is shown, whereas homemade Via has both Via and THT holes…

Shown in Kicad 3D-Viewer and PCB

The Via (THT) setup that yields similar graphic’s of stock Via I did Not bother about the Numbering which can be used or Not used and Re-Numbered…

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