Vias for the current layer

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Vias for the current

In pcb_new, I have
drawn traces connecting pads on the Bottom layer, and traces for the
current as well. If I would like to put the current on a plane of its
own, I could ( I think) create a plane on the Front layer.

But how should I
create the needed vias so that I get all the pads on the Bottom layer
that need current to be connected to the new current layer on the
Front layer.

In other words,
there are some pads on the Bottom layer and the current layer that is
the Front layer.

How can I get the
current from the Front layer be connected to the pads that need the

in pcbnew…

  1. set the bottom copper layer as active
  2. select the track tool
  3. set same copper track width (top left button in pcbnew) as you had on the bottom layer
  4. hover directly over an already drawn copper track on the bottom side
  5. left click as you would when you would start to lay down a track
  6. AND don’t move the mouse
  7. hit [V]
  8. bacon! :grinning: