Via with free copper Enig surrunding

my aim is that my vias look like this on the pcb:

right now they look like this:

How can I change this, I played arround with F. Mask. but I didn’t get it. Can anybody help me?
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That looks like tented via’s and is part of the fabrication option so you want “do not tent vias”.

The other option is to add a custom “test point” which is essentially a circle with the soldermask to pull back the resist

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The term for that is “tented via’s”.

You can control this via:
Pcbnew / File / Plot / (Plot Format: Gerber) / General Options / [ ] Do not tent via’s

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Great!Thanks so much, the solution is so easy :slight_smile: Is there actually now an option for automaticly placement of vias ore an plugin?

I would love to see a way to handle stitching vias automatically but unfortunately there’s no way to do that AFAIK. There may exist a plugin for some simple handling, namely placing a bunch of vias on a defined grid, but that wouldn’t have any intelligence or dynamic handling. On the other hand I don’t see much intelligence in the screenshot :slight_smile:

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The vias on the screenshot were made to show how they look like in pcb. Does that mean, that I always need to fill my planes manually with vias? I thought about something like creating an array. The problem with array was, that on realy every position an via was made.

Something like this would be fine

I use the via stitching plugin from @jsreynaud for KiCAD v5.1.x you can find it here:


Thanks to all of you, this plugin is great:
I’m super happy!

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