Via stitching in Pcbnew


There is a bug report (wish list) implementing an easy way for via stitching in Pcbnew. If you haven’t done so, go to tyhe bug report and select “this bug affects…” on the upper left corner.

BTW, what method do you use for via stitching?

Is 35 mil the smallest possible via size?

Hunh, I had thought I posted this one, but it slipped through the cracks. I made a video about how I do via stitching. I still agree that this needs to be fixed in KiCad (dropping arbitrary vias), but this is how I do it:


Just so it’s immediately visible here … the key is that a stitching via (singular or a string of stitching vias, either one) has to be connected to a pad on the same net as the fill plane. Otherwise, when you re-fill the plane (or run a DRC or do any of several things) it will clearance the via as the via “loses” its net affiliation. @ChrisGammell’s video demonstrates this very nicely. If the trace from the pad you choose to give the via stitch a net affiliation to the first (or only) via in the stitch lies entirely in a fill zone of the same net, the trace will disappear into the fill zone and you won’t know it’s there.