Via stitching generator plugin, no vias generated


I am trying to use the “Via stitching generator” plugin but no via’s are generated
when there is a filled zone that’s not GND.
If I delete the non GND fill the generator works as expected.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


I have never used that generator, so I have to be a bit cautious here.
I assume this script was written for an old version of KiCad. In recent versions of KiCad Via’s inherit the net of their location if they get moved and it is also very easy to multiply them with block operations.

You can for example easily:

  1. Place a via next to the PCB
  2. Modify it’s properties.
  3. Create an array of them.
  4. Copy that array to some destination.
  5. Delete some of them if they create DRC errors.

If I look at a screenshot of this script:

(which may be a different one)
Then it seems to fill all available area of a zone with via’s. Is that really useful?

Another way of working with stitching vias is to add THT holes to Footprints directly, or even create footprints that have a bunch of THT holes in a pattern of your preference.

This has so much flexibility ease of use that I do not see much gain in using a script to generate via’s.

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