Via stitching and Design Rules

My first via stitching.
To do that I use Ctrl+D on grounded Via.
Is there any way (in 4.0.7) to keep me from placeing the new via with violating the Clearance set in Design Rules?
When I add to such new via any track then dragging via takes care of clearances. Is it possible to have it working that way why moving via alone?

Apparentyl not, you will need to be careful to see where do you position the via…

Take a look at this tutorial if you want nicer via stitching:

If you are in OpenGL modus (press the F11 key to select it), you are able to drag the via around if you have the “Add tracks and vias selected”

I didn’t know that beeing in mode “Add tracks and vias” is needed to drag (via, track) ussing key ‘D’.
Yesterday I was trying to do that (key D) with no tool selected and didn’t understood why it is not working.
I found the other way to do that. I’ve set Mouse drag behaviour (in Preferences - Interactive Routing) to “interactive drag”.
But in any of these two cases I can’t drag via interactively (push other tracks) if it has no track segment connected.
I suppose (didn’t tested yet) that in KiCad I can put vias for via stitching with no need to connect them with tracks (in Protel 3 I had to connect them because if not, some analysis It was doing took more and more time - for 10 vias (connected only by filled zone) it can be 20 minutes or more needed to fill that zone).
At that moment I don’t know what is better for via stitching - to copy standard vias or to put vias defined as footprint. I see no importand difference now (I will read that nicer-via… tutorial).
If vias for via stitching can be not connected by tracks it would be nice if drag of them would work interactively. But it is not very important. I’m just used to move such via till I see distance rules are broken (Protel shows it) and then doing one 5mils step back to fill rules and the next one step for margin. I can change my habit.

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