Via/pad Teardrops


Is there some way to do via/pad teardrops? Appear a good feature to handmade boards and high frequency boards.


Search in this forum for teardrops =)



Thanks, I was just hopping some more developed tool. The most of the script are not DCR compatible or miss some feature (not recognize SMD PADs…).
But I think we that now a little more of python need to develop this and proposed to main KiCad team to add to the release.


you can check the work of
(it’s a developing version, keep your fingers close to ctrl-s :))


The features that this branch is adding are really interesting.
Is this branch a night version or parallel independent one (to be merge after)?


there is not a nightly build of this version, you need to compile yourself, if is this what you asked
I have no idea about his possibilities of being merged with the current (or future) developing versions, I hope they do, I use this one because I like the curves/tears on my boards