Via on No-Net zone

I have created a netless area on both sides of my PCB and I’d like connect these zones with vias but vias are isolated as in the figure How I can solve

Problem number 1. You need a net for the zones.

If you have a net for the zones then you can use the via stitching workaround described in this blog post:
or in this forum post Protip: nicer via stitching

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Thanks for reply Rene
Why you say that zone need a net.
the zone is under dc/dc inductor. I would like to make a heatsink for lnductor without connecting to GND the area under inductor. Bad idea ?

Because you can not connect anything to a zone without a net.

Another option is to make a specialized footprint for the inductor that includes an exposed pad with vias in them. (look through the dfn or qfp libs and search for one footprint that has _ThermalVias in its name for inspiration.)

Not sure. Depends on voltages and on your inductor.

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