Via modification


I added vias for optional components, but the copper seems hidden. How to have a correct footprint?


There is a setting for generating open via’s during Gerber creation.
“Tented” vias, are vias covered by solder mask, and if you turn that option off, then the pads of the via’s are exposed.

But this is not what you really want because It’s too easy to do this wrong when gerbers are created.

A better way is to use “test points” in your schematic, and then add single pad THT footprints to the PCB.

If you search for “1x01” for footprints, then you find a lot of single pad footprints. Some are for single pin connectors, others for “SolderWirePad”. There also is a footprint library with the name “TestPoint”.


Thank you for the answer. I had actually seen the test points. I’m going to cross over to this solution


Is it not better to design and output the board with the optional components included,
and then manually remove them from the BOM and P&P file?

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