Via length in Net inspector changes when tuning diff pairs

KiCad newbie here. Using version 8.
I have multiple data diff pairs to tune. While watching Net Inspector while I tune either skew or tune the length, the Via column randomly changes from a hole length of 57 mils to 10 mils to 104mils which makes it almost impossible to tune. I can’t tell if the total length includes the via length and what is the multiplier.
Closing Net inspector and re-opening without any further tuning also changes the via length.

Any insight as to what the table is telling me and why the via length changes. My stackup is 6 layer per OSH Park with layers 2 and 5 being planes.
Very frustrating to say the least.

Maybe a better question is why does the via length change. On a new design with the same board thickness a via length is94.7 and 115.16 mils. Should I be tracking track length and not total length. Any support welcomed.

Please report a bug and attach your project.

I just spent an hour trying to find “report an issue” and while I can find the documentation (help) file I can’t find the form to input the bug report and attach the file. Can you help by posting the link for me?

You’ll neet to get an account on gitlab, and the KiCad project issues are here:

If you click the blue ‘New issue’ button at the top right of the page, you’ll get the template for a new issue. Please ensure you add your version info (found in the Kicad ‘About’ dialog).

Or press Help → Report Bug so that the version info will be filled automatically:


Got it. It is now reported. Thanks