VIA dragging with mouse

I’ve noticed strange behaviour of the VIA dragging feature (Modern mode):
When I select a via with my LMB, then keep the LMB pressed and move mouse cursor, the VIA stays in its place UNLESS the mouse cursor will reach VIA’s boundary (circle). Then the VIA will “jump” with it’s new middle position to the cursor position (i.e. minimum move by a VIA radius), after that the Mouse drag behaves normally.
I can use VIA move with the M command, but then my interactive “Highight collisions” feature does not work.
Is it something strange in my setup, or a common behaviour? KiCad 5.0.2, Win64.

Same here with KiCad V5.0.2
Via’s snap to the old location. You have to drag them some minimal distance before it moves, and if you drag it around and get near the old position before you relsease the Mouse button it snaps back again to it’s old position.

The “snap” distance is indeed the Via’s radius. I modified a via to give it a diameter of 20mm, and the minimum distance it will move now is 10mm.
Footprints and Tracks do not have this behaviour.

@fred4u: Shortcut key ‘m’ moves the via, and the via alone. If the via is moved to another net, then it will simply become a part of that new net. If you move a via to a crossing of 2 nets (top and bottom layer) it will create a short circuit, which will be flagged as a DRC error. For dragging a via and keeping it attached to the current tracks you can experiment with shortcut keys ‘d’ and ‘g’. With ‘d’ or ‘g’ KiCad prevents you from creating DRC errors.

You can disable the snapping by holding down the shift key. (Same when dragging tracks, which will snap to their width.)


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