I have a strange problem. Some vias in an area are UNselectable.

PCB is 4 layers. There are a TO-252 and a TO-220 at the bottom of the pic. I’ll likely use the TO252 but will add holes for the TO-220 in case I need a heat sink.

Under the common tab area, I manually added an array of Vias (weeks ago. I move at a snails pace). Today I decided to remove 2 of the vias and find I am unable to Select one or more of the vias in the staggered array. Yet, I am able to select and remove adjacent vias from the line of vias above the array.

I’ve tried: individual select, drag right, drag left, Lock/unlock, closed and restarted Kicad V6. No joy.

I tend to save the file ofter but leave KiCad open for days at a time. Recently I got a warning about saving things out of sync. Never saw that before and not sure exactly what it meant. Everything has been working fine for weeks/months.

I know this is a wierdo, but so am I…

The via’s are probably locked. See the selection filter in the lower right corner.




Thank you Paul !!!
No clue how I managed to get that Unchecked.

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