Vga connector footprint?

Hi, could somebody help me to find the footprint for a 15pin VGA - connector in the kicad footprint lib?

Is that not just a 15 pin D type Male or Female connector?

Vga only speciefies how the connection side looks like (d-sub)
The pcb side can look very different depending on which connector you buy.

Meaning select the connector and search for this component. (Some common pcb side interfaces are in the official lib. But it can easily be the case that the part you selected is different)

thanks for input. I guess I simply draw a new connector based on the device I have on hand. It’s simple enough

Some time ago I made a mini tutorial for easily verifying footprint pad locations by test fitting them by printing the mirror image of the PCB:

Why the mirror image? If the connector is on the top layer then the normal image is needed. Also printing really has not even close to the required precision to properly determine if a footprint is correct (might be close enough to see a major mistake but really not more.)

I did the mirror image because I was testing through hole connectors.
For the RJ-45 I used in the example, and the VGA connector in this post you can only view it from the underside.

If you combine it with pre-punching the paper with a needle, so it stays flat then it really is good enough to testfit almost all THT connectors. If you look at the photo I posted in that thread. Accuracy is around 0.1mm or even better. Especially when you take a picture or scanner directly from the top, you can see very accurately if a pin is centered compared to the outline of a pad, even if you did not punched the hole in the exact center of the pad.

The link is also usefull because others jumped in with alternative methods for checking footprints. The method is pretty simple and it can be done easily with tools most people have available.

In the “DSUB” library there are at least 10 different Footprints for DSUB-15 with 3 rows of 5 pins as used for VGA.

sorry, but I could not find a DSUB library in my version of KiCad 5.0.0
Could you help?

For me, if I start Pcbnew, press “o” and click anywhere on the drawing area the Choose Footprint" window is opened. If I then type “dsub” in the search box I find lots of connectors.

The name of the lbrary is “Connector_Dsub”.
I’m using KiCad V5.1 myself at the moment, but I think the libraries for all are the same. Sometimes it happens that the libaries for V5 do not get installed, and KiCad V5 works with the libraries from V4. This is easy recognisable because the library names themself hare in plural form.

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