Version 6 Vs Windows 10

I’ve just installed Windows 10 in order to use the new Kicad V6 version but
each time I tried to open a project (mine or demo included in the version) I got
the following error message : LoadLibrary failed with error 114 DLL issue !

Kicad version is: 6.0.1

KiCad and W10 should work together. That is you get their individual bugs and tricks. Have you tried to reload the Kicad and reinstall it.

If you have AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards or multiple graphics cards, you should install the latest drivers and set the preferred graphics card.

Try this tool to get exactly what dll is problematic and google for further assistance:

I don’t remember seeing any dll problem on windows + kicad. Maybe trying non genuine / stripped down / highly modified / outdated windows installation?

Which os are you coming from and why?

Thks for your answer, I guess this is the problem !
I’ve got to graphics cards :
AMD Radeon HD6700M & Intel HD Graphics 3000 both with lastest drivers
It did work perfectly with Kicad 5

How can I set a prefered graphic ard ?{google:acceptedSuggestion}sourceid=chrome&{google:instantExtendedEnabledParameter}ie=UTF-8

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Sorry I don’t read German !

I finally found an AMD graphic setup program in which I can declare
software which are needed to be run on this video card.
I included all the kicad executable and now eechema and pcbnew are working fine but 3d viewer and gerber viewer are still facing the same dll error message

Any clue ?

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