Version 6 tool alternatives and button context menus

It might be nice and aid understanding and discoverability, if the arrow showing that a tool has more options, pointed in the direction those options are going to unfold.

In the example above the little arrow in the bottom right corner really doesn’t show that the tool will expand, let alone to the left. I hadn’t actually noticed that it was there at all.

I don’t really understand this: If you don’t know it expands, it doesn’t matter what direction it expands. If you didn’t notice the arrow in the first place, you won’t notice which corner it’s on.

(this tool happens to expand to the left because the toolbar is on the right, but this expansion thing can happen on any button in any toolbar, and we wanted to standardize on putting the “this can expand” flag in the lower right always so that people know where to look for it, once they know to look for it at all)

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I think the point is more about knowing it expand rather than the direction it expands.

Great feature and being able to easily switch autorouting methods is great for UX and productivity, but how this is presented to the user as a possibility is the question.

A black corner indicates that a long press expands, what is to be used to indicate right-click context? Thinking consistent HID here or is this going to be a feature that will get mentioned as a footnote in some future documentation?

Nothing, right now. Personally I’m fine with this: I don’t think every single feature needs to be obviously apparent. This right-click context thing is a power-user feature: it gives a shortcut to access some things that are already accessible through another method that is more discoverable (i.e. the main menu system).

We do want to re-do most of the documentation for V6 to make sure we document all these little things for people who do like to read the manuals, though. Right now there are a lot of undocumented features because the manual has lagged behind development (even in 5.x)

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