Version 5 Tutorial?

I’m just returning to KiCad after a long hiatus, and it seems that it’s time to start using Version 5 (yay).

Being a bit rusty, I’d like to re-run the tutorials, but it seems like enough has changed that the Version 4 tutorials don’t really work.

Is there a Version 5 tutorial in the works that I can view (and perhaps help debug)?

Version 5 has not yet been released. But it is getting close. A few weeks ago release candidate 1 has been tagged.
This weekend it is planned to tag rc2 which will be the string freeze. This is done such that the documentation devs. can start with documenting the user facing parts.

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They’re at the KiCad documentation repository.

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Brilliant - thank you! Now if I can only get my kicad main window to display I can start using v 5.0!

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