VDD Pins for Multiple Power Planes

Hi, I am working on a project with multiple power planes. How can I make VDD pins that will be linked separately for the separate planes?

Do I have to make an individual symbol for each, or is there some way to use the same VDD symbol for all of them?

If I understand correctly, and forgive me as I’m just getting back from a night at the pub, I think VDD would be considered a global label. If you need to split these up, then I think you are going to have to use different labels for different planes. If these are truly the same source you may have to look at net ties to bring them all together.

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Is this the hidden power pin issue, they make is hard to have different versions of “Vdd” in a single design?
Basically you have to create special versions of the symbols with visible power pins

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If it is about hidden pins I’d recommend to make components with separate “power” units (as in KiCAD guidelines) and place them outside visible area if they are to remain “hidden”.