Vcut offset amount?

Hi, wanting panelize some PCBs to have made by jlcpcb and am using the kiKit plugging to do this, as was wondering if there was a recommended horizontal and vertical gap to compensate for the cutting process?

This is probably something you should ask jlcpcb. That said, I have a box of v scored boards in the basement somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it quickly. I moved recently, otherwise I’d just do a measurement.

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It’s actually quite small, in the order of a mm for the cut. Also it’s more acute than they make it look in diagrams, more like 30° than 60°. If you look casually it may look like there’s no cut, just a line. But pay attention to their requirements to leave space around the cut.

Board was approximately where I expected. 1mm is a good figure. The rule in the photos is mm. Seems scored on each side.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to do that!

Really appreciate it.

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No problem. Actually, it’s probably the easiest thing I’ve done today. :smiley:

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My thought is zero offset. The V-cut doesn’t affect the size of board. It just chamfers the edge.

I 100% see where you coming from, but I’m thinking of sanding that chamfer flat for a more attractive board.

Some people add chamfers for looks. I bought some 8 led boards that I had to break apart. The chamfers are very very small and I needed a magnifying glass to see them. I spent days investigating them. I’m anxious to see how you do.

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