Value of symbols off center when rotated

I am using KiCad for some months now and recently noticed that the value of symbols is not always correctly centered.

In the example are R2 and R4 180° rotated.
You can see that the values of R2 and R4 are slightly off center. The references are also somewhat differently placed.
In printouts this causes the values to hug the lines the symbols are made of.
Is this deliberately to see whether a symbol is rotated or not?
This causes no problems whatsoever but i would find it a lack of beauty.
No offense meant!

Keep up the good works, KiCad is a great program.
Thank You.

Same here.
When a resistor is rotated 180 or 270 degrees, the text is slightly off center.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think this has been so for several years, and I usually just only use the 0 and 90 degree rotations.

When one happens to ‘overrotate’ a symbol one gets this.

The pots have it to.
Come to think of it, maybe every symbol where one can place the value inside the symbol.

Would be rather interesting to know what causes this.
The symbols themselves, the symbol editor or the schematic layout editor?

Well, when there’s time to spend…
Go for it!