V7 snapping to zone corners/object centres

Currently using V7 after moving from V5 on Win 11.

What a difference! On the whole so much better. So much more capable.

One thing that’s driving me nuts is that objects snap to other objects when I’m moving them. The only way it seems is to hold the SHIFT down, I can’t permanently turn this off. Seems a bit of a mis-step.

I see V8 is out. Is this issue fixed in V8?

BTW, also missing the ‘highlight net’ button.

I assume this is for the PCB editor?

There are some options in: PCB Editor / Preferences / Preferences / PCB Editor / Editing Options / Magnetic Points (Screenshot from V8).

Highlight should also still work. I never had a problem with it in V7. But I read about others having some trouble with this. You can check whether there is still a hotkey assigned to it in Preferences / Hotkeys, and then search for: “Highlight”.


Tried setting all snaps to ‘never’, no difference.

I did find the shortcut that highlights a net though.