V7 Methods of adding net to netclass

At PCB in Bord Setup Net Classes - Netclass assignments seems to be not editable. I see there some nets (/H1, /H2, /H3, /H4, /H5, /H6) having net class HV assigned.

I have added at schematic two new net labels (A, A1) that I want to be in HV net class.
At schematic I found that editing my net label I can add field ‘Net Class’ and set its value to HV.
But (after Update PCB from schematic) in Board Setup I can’t see it. Nets matching is set to ‘/H1’. I don’t know when it was set to this. May be because of this I don’t see my A net in the list but it looks that I should see only H1 net but I see all H1…H6 nets with info that they have NetClass of HV.
It looks that this Nets matching is also not editable. I can make it selected but then I can’t do anything with it.
At schematic my labels H1…H6 don’t have any field defined but someway they are in HV netclass.
Can I make my new nets being like those old (coming from V6) ones? Meaning - they have no field defined but they are HV class.

At schematic my labels H1…H6 don’t have any field defined but someway they are in HV netclass.
Can I make my new nets being like those old (coming from V6) ones? Meaning - they have no field defined but they are HV class.

Yes, you can!

The netclass behavior depends on the workflow you have used to assign the netclasses. I recommend not to mix up the workflows - this will get you in your current situation with some netclass-assignments visible in the schematic/board setup, and some assignments not visible in this dialogs.

All following variants are for assigning netclass in the schematic editor:

  1. assign netclass graphically with netclass directive label (right side toolbar). These netclass-asignments are not visible in the netclass dialog (neither schematic-setup nor board-setup).
    advantage: works also for unnamed nets. Can easily be copy/pasted to many nets.
    disadvantage: some additional clutter on the schematic. This gets better if the pin-length is set to 0.01 and the netclass-string-display is disabled. Than the netclasses can be distinguished with the 4 available shapes (circle/square/diamond/dot).
    Also hard to modify later (rename netclass, change the netclass, search&find all of these netclass directive labels).
  2. assign netclass with additional netclass-field in normal labels (like your example A1/A2 in the original post). These netclass-assignments are also not visible in the netclass dialog (as you have already discovered).
    advantage: the display of the netclass-field can be disabled - reduced schematic-cluttering.
  3. assign netclass with netclass-dialog. For this workflow all nets must be named.
    advantage: netclass assignment visible in netclass dialog (both schematic+board editor). multiple nets can be merged into one assignment (if a generic filter-string like HV can be used for the netnames)
    disadvantage: you have to remember the netname from the schematic until you opened the netclass-dialog. Sometimes this requires constand netclass-dialog-opening, assign one netclass, back to schematic, remember second netname, reopening netclass dialog, assign second netclass, and so on. A little bit cumbersome.
  4. A shortcut to assign one single net to the netclass-dialog: assign labels, than RMB-click that net → context menu → assign netclass. With that dialog one netclass-assignment exactly for this net is added to the main schemati netclass dialog.

I would recommend to try option 4) for your situation.

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After reading 4 and before reading this sentence I have decided that 4 is the best for me and deleted fields in A and A1 (A - antenna when I expect up to 40V AC) and assigned net class by context menu.
What more - a week or two ago working with previous PCB that then I copied as new one and now I am editing I had H1…H4 in HV netclass and I found that method with context menu to add H5 and H6 that I couldn’t find today (the more rush you work and the older you get, the more such problems you have).
I remember not long ago someone also asked something like me. Probably it was shortly before I needed it previously or even just when I needed it.
I must copy and print whole your answer for future needs.

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