V7.99 crash with plugin "JLCPCB Fabrication toolkit" - report it, or not?

If a plugin crashes, should this be reported to the KiCad development team as a possible kicad bug? Or is the nature of plugins such that it is less likely to be kicad bug and more likely to be a 7.99 API change that the plugin author hasn’t kept up with and hasn’t handled gracefully?

For at least a month now, the JLCPCB Fabrication toolkit plugin always crashes (earlier this year it worked very with v7.99).

If I have a board without components, it will work. But even in the simplest test case, it will crash 100% of the time:

99-kicad-testcase-jlcpcb-export-HasProperty.zip (8.1 KB)

Plugin issues should be reported to the plugin author. But keep in mind that many plugin developers do not “chase the nightlies” and instead wait until closer to the next stable release in order to start updating their plugins for compatibility with changes on the KiCad side.