[v7.09 ] new symbol: how to change description

I copied a power symbol “+3V0” from KiCad’s library to a new (project) library and changed the value and pinname to “3V0” (I removed the ‘+’).
The description of the symbol however still says: “Power symbol creates a global label with name +3V0”.
How do I edit/change the description? I can use a texteditor to open the new symbol library and change the “ki_description” property but is that the way it’s supposed to work in KiCad?

In the Symbol Editor, you would change the Description Field.

File -> Symbol Properties...

Also worth mentioning that in KiCad 8 you no longer need to create a library symbol. You can rename power symbols directly in schematic now.


Somehow I expected to find a link to the symbol properties when rightclicking on the symbol in the items list at the left…

It’s also in the toolbar, which is where I normally open it:


The pin table tool next to it is very helpful when adding/editing a large number of pins.

You are right. I guess I had some brainfart… :laughing:

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