V7.0 Component Renumber

V6 did a great job in updating a routed PCB when all you did was renumber components.
V7.doesn’t actually seem to renumber anything.
It leaves the parts where they are, but changes all the connections.

I am using 7.0.0 release version for Windows (11).
Is there a way to go back to 6.011 now that the files have been saven under 7.0.0?

No. But you should rather tell what you actually did, step by step, what actually and exactly happened in v6 and what happens in v7. It’s really difficult to tell what you mean in your explanation.

Make sure the Relink footprints … option is unchecked.


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Unchecking the Relink footprints…option did the trick.
I thought I had tried that, but…

Thanks so much.


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