V6 User Libraries locked?

I have a bunch of my own schematic and footprint libraries. When I d/l the latest nightly (which turned out to be 6!), I am unable to save parts to my libraries. I checked properties in Windows Explorer, and saw that they were marked read-only, so I undid that, but when I ran KiCad it still has them locked.
How can I unlock my personal libraries for editing?

I do not know the answer…but where are your personal libraries saved? I (like many others) are using V6 but don’t have that problem. My libraries are saved in a folder in my data files, not among my program files.

My libraries are saved in my own folder, they are not mixed with the KiCad files at all. This is why it is confusing. I have the path OneDrive > KiCad Projects > KiCad Libraries.
Do you see any problem with that?
I don’t know what to do here. I could move them, but really they are already not associated with any KiCad stuff so I would not expect it to make any difference.
I still have a previous version of KiCad installed, do you suppose there is some way that these files are being held hostage? The other version is not running of course.

Could you have been running KiCad as administrator before?

Just a thought… can you navigate to that folder and create a simple text file? Just to show the folder is indeed accessable.

Is “onedrive” some kind of cloud service?

I do remember that KiCad has some kind of trouble with network shares, but it’s an old memory and I can’t recall further details.

I have this with v6.
When you go in and, say, import a footprint/symbol then Kicad says no folder selected (or similar) it’s only when you select you own library are you able to save the file .
Yes this is different to v5.99.

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