V6 length-stats plug doesn't work

I need to optimize my DDR3 addr trace length. But it is 4 chip with T topography. I need pad to pad length, It seems only length-stats can do that. How can length-stats get work on V6?

In V6 you can use Inspect/Net inspector. It runs faster.

While I just ported length-stats plugin to V6, I don’t intend to publish it as I also just found about the Net inspector

Thank you for answer! In fact I have the idea that make the plugin run on V6 too. Haha, I will see what function you said.

I forget by T topography, we need pad to pad track length, do you have idea about net2net plugin?

Can you be a bit more verbose.

If you have a T topology, then a pad2pad track length plugin is the only help that you get, but it is PITA as you have to run plugin for each pad2pad distance and it is not interactive. The problem with pad2pad plugin is lack of my programming skills to make it run faster. If I’d manage to make it run faster, I could make it interactive or even merge the functionality with length-stats plugin.

As for net2net plugin it will also be retired with V6. The plugin is only a partial solution to check minimal distances between two nets and it could be used in high voltage designs. But the plugin did not account for the zones and pads. With V6 you can write custom DRC rules or you can export the design into MCAD and check the distances there.

Oh you are the writerof the plugin!
I fix some bug so the pad2pad seems can running on V6 now. But I found that pad2pad cant work at the situation that there is a via between pad and pad. For the running speed I think you can slow the sample rate or build a C lib for it?

I have no idea about pad2pad msg “Did not find a connection between pads\nThe connection might be partial or through the zone.”
I thought it was via caused the problem, But I think it is possibly caused by the code change by me. I change the mod.Pads() to board.GetPads()