V6 Install Problem On Mac 10.12.6 Sierra

I download/installed the official v6.0.2

No problems installing it But, when launching any of the Kicad app’s, I get error messages about not compatible with my Mac - message say’s I need to update my OSX.

I won’t update my Mac. And, I certainly won’t update just to run one program.

I also tried a Nightly version - same result.

I read some recent posts and it seems others have v6 running on Mac’s with older OSX… that prompted me to install it.

How to install on my older system? (without jumping over hurdles that makes the Kicad install experience terrible)


As you have discovered, older versions of macOS are not supported. However, @Tiberiu_Vicol did manage to compile some versions last year. I managed to compile 5.99 for High Sierra but it had some issues (layers palette was essentially unusable)

My final and best solution was to use the Catalina patcher which allowed me to run Catalina a on otherwise unsupported hardware. YMMV and I can understand a reluctance to do this for one application but I have found it rock solid and am running KiCad 6.0.2 on Catalina on a 2011 machine.


@John_Pateman Thank you, John.

When I bought this machine, it was the Top Of The LIne (max everything). Spent a lot of time with software so that all my engineering software, Harley Fuel Mapping software and much, much more, ran well.

Then, I upgrade High Sierra to Catalina. OMG!!! what misery that was - broke many things so, after hours of Restoring Sierra and getting back to working condition, I decided 'I will Never Again upgrade my three Mac’s. Period.

The good news is, v5.1.12 works perfectly well for my needs. The (perhaps) even better news is that, not being able to upgrade Kicad, puts my Kicad Forum participation at a ‘Time To Move-On’ to other interests level. Can’t help folks with newer Kicad so, why bother.

I have no problem compiling the code but, why bother if I can live with what I have…

Thanks, again. And,
Thank you Kicad,
Good Bye!

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