V6 Help Documentation

Are there a V6 specific help files yet, the current help files installed are not directly relevant, whats the status etc ( I know Docs are a pain !!)

Hello @CrazyScientist

No help files yet, but they are on their way.

Some people are at least working on an updated version of the “Getting started in KiCad” guide, and you can’t work on that with too many people at the same time, and therefore I’ve made a commitment to do a proofread and add my own ideas (with moderation) when that is done. I hope within a few weeks.

I have not looked (my attention is wavering between too many different paths). If you’re curious about any work done on the official KiCad documentation… Well, it’s an open source project (including it’s documentation), so you can always have a look at:

Now that KiCad V6 has been officially released, updates will be less frequent then when it was KiCad-nightly V5.99, and that probably includes it’s documentation.
So if any new or updated documentation becomes available, the easiest way to view it is online via the KiCad website.


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