V6.0 hard to grab references on silkscreen layer

Latest 6.0 testing on Windows
Am I missing something, I have tightly packed SMD parts and silkscreen references are on top of other components.
It seems much harder than on V5 to grab the reference to move it. I end up having to move the other parts out of the way now

I always use “toggle interactive layers” this way I make sure I can only move the components of the layer I’m standing on.

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Also you can utilize the new Appearance manager/filter panel on the bottom right.


Selection in busy areas definitely changed from 5 to 6. I assume there’s a good reason for it but I agree that it feels harder to pick up things like text objects. I use “high contrast” mode way more now - hit H to toggle between all layers active, all but one dimmed, and all but one hidden. When I’m adjusting silkscreen I tend to go to dimmed view, then you can see everything else but only interact with the silks


this is what i do:

when the board is “young” there will be a lot of rapid footprint moving around, track routing, flipping… etc… i call this process “feng-shui” so i make a preset for it:

basically turn off the “Footprint Text” there and save this as a preset

when the board is nearly done (footprints in place, tracks routed, etc…) it’s time to feng-shui the RefDes and the values on the Fab layer
for that i use a different scheme:

Refdes: turn off the Cu and Fab layers, keep the pads/vias visible, select the relevant SilkScreen layer and go to high-contrast (H) mode, if it’s the back-side - also use the “mirror” view

Fab: just go to high-contrast (H) mode on the Fab layer

and unfortunately, these wonderful presets happen to be saved in the project
i thought they are global


Silkscreen is special-cased to be a bit like high-contrast mode even when you’re not in high-contrast mode. (Of course the silk layer does have to be your current layer for this to work.)


Thanks everybody, “Toggle Inactive Layers” works for me.

Interesting! I’d noticed that behavior but never realized it was an intentional special case.

Before I tried the Toggle…, I could not select silkscreen Ref text on top of other components at all

Can you post the board (or a test board that exhibits the behaviour)? (Or you can email it to me at ----.)

I cannot reproduce this now, no Toggle needed so long as the silkscreen layer is selected.
Yesterday I could even hide all layers except silkscreen, try to select the Ref and watch the underlying resistor pads become visible and grab focus.

I suggest you do something to hide your email address or I can hide the entire post

Huh. Odd…

(I’m not too worried about my email address. It’s easy enough to find out there. But no sense making it easy…)

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