V5 install on windows 10

I used v4.07 first and taught myself the basics of how to use CAD ( found Kicad great), so decided to upgrade to v5. Now I created a new project and the schematic was fine but when I try to assign footprints it says, loading library’s and then gives a load of path errors then nothing works, also it says (not responding) I have looked at the forum for answers but all seem to be due to library paths and what not, and I’m really not at a level of understanding how to delete this and that from god no’s only where. All I want is to use this fabulous tool, is there a simple fix? can I even go back a version? is there someone who can explain all of this ? or maybe a written step by step install or perhaps a up coming version that just installs, also when you run the installer there is one box unchecked that appears to be connected to global variables ? is this correct? please help

Man i think i need to make another FAQ about that.

Well as you had v4 installed previosly you have a so called fp-lib-table in your user profile. This will point to the v4 libs which might have been overwritten by v5 libs. (the names changed so kicad will not find the old libs.)
The easiest fix if you want v5 libs is to simply delete the fp lib table in your user profile. The next time you run kicad it should then copy the default library table from the system directory. (It might be necessary to start pcb_new or the footprint editor for kicad to be forced into doing this.)

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have it working all be it slow I did this by deleting fp-lib-table in every place I could see it ! I still get errors in the assign footprint and they seem to be connected to 3D libs and . pretty. not sure where user profile is but will look. thanks

That might have been a bit excessive. You really only should delete one of them. (The one in your user config directory. I think it is somewhere under appdata)

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Enter %appdata%\kicad in the address bar to find the fp-lib-table for deletion.

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thanks’ am doing that now and doing a fresh install. One question I have is why not have a “fresh Install option” for people and machines that wanna try Kicad for the first time ? who really don’t care for file management and aren’t programmers ? it must get tedious for you guys, but I want to design PCB’s not get involved with library paths and all that wizardry

In this forum we all are users helping users. Users like you.

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sorry wasn’t getting at ya, It’s hot and forgot I wasn’t ranting at the programmers ! I’m doing another install now if some thing is different (or better) I will share it with you it seems I am not the only one having problems with the initial setup

Sadly it is not really possible on all platforms to reliably reset the lib tables from within the installer. And one can not implement something for only one platform if you claim you are a multi platform program.
Another point is what happens with multi user setups?

It is quite easy to make suggestions if you only care about one particular setup. But a tool like kicad must behave the same for every conseivable edgecase.

A reset to factory default button would still be nice to be honest. Sadly that one is simply missing the manpower required. (and was suggested after the gui freeze meaning it could not be done for the v5 release)

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I’m beginning to understand the scale of a project like Kicad now guess I’m learning shed loads too

Wow…I appear to have done it I can now assign footprints and view them (some in 3D)……I did what you and robkam said and removed fp-lib-table finding it with %appdata%\Kicad. Not gonna change a thing at moment until I understand the file and library system better thanks buddy!

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thanks that seems to have sorted it !

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