V5.99 Unite SMD Pad and Polygon - Gone?

In 5.1 stable we had the ability to unite an SMD pad with a polygon into one entity. In 5.99 it seems like this feature is now gone, unless I’m missing something?

I had to copy-paste all the polygon coordinates into the footprint .kicad_mod after first making the footprint a custom primitive. Doable but very much a pain if you have approximated arcs in your polygon with multiple segment points.

Hopefully this feature is still around somewhere. Now that I think about it, however, it would be nice to add “Select Primitive” and then select a polygon as an alternate option as well:

Anyway, is the polygon and pad merging still a button-click somewhere?

It’s different in 5.99.

Add a pad, right click on it -> edit pad as graphic shapes (ctrl+E), then draw any graphical shapes you want to merge with the pad. Finally right click again -> finish pad edit (ctrl+E) and the graphical shapes you added will be merged with the original pad.


Thank you, I knew it had to be somewhere.

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