V5.99 Sch Altium import, rotated power port text

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1st post.

Test driving (5.99.0-11494-gaf90d47edc) nightly, in Win10, as a novice KiCad user.

Decided to try importing an Altium 25.5.1 schematic. Most everything is perfect, except most power ports would print (both hardcopy and Microsoft PDF) with upside down text.


…while in KiCad they display properly:


A quick scan of the “.kicad_sch” schematic file brought up these text rotations as -180. Replacing all occurrences with “0” seemed to fix the problem:
(property "Value" "3Vccio" (id 1) (at 151.13 158.75 -180))

(property "Value" "3Vccio" (id 1) (at 151.13 158.75 0))

Printing and displaying both now agree that the text should be upright.

Here’s the power port info in Altium:

…and Altium Graphical Editing Preferences:

Perhaps will be of some use to someone.

I’m also looking for resources on other people’s experience and knowledge for transitioning from Altium.

Nice work everyone. I’m really looking forward to the official release.



Hi Chris
I can confirm this issue.

I created a Issue on gitlab https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/8844

Best regards,

Thanks for the confirmation.

Is there a resource for known issues with Altium import (Like arcs & circles) for the nightlies? I’d hate to duplicate reports & add unnecessary noise to the forum.

Oh… Just found this:

Thanks for reporting, I fixed this and a few other text problems, it should be available in the newest nightly. Of course the import is still a work in progress, so please keep reporting any issues you encounter.


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